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About us | Netelio

About us

Evgeniy. Mobile builder. Prototype anything a few minutes. His creativity will surprise you.
Florent. The eagle eye. Strike fast and with precision. Can read people mind.
Etienne. Gem master. RoR and systems hacker. Can reboot a server with a single though.
Franck. Thinks too much and too fast. Never caught by surprise.

Netelio regroups people form different background and cultures to work together toward a common goal. Programmer, user experience designer, hackers, lean practitioner, project manager and strategic thinker. Our strengths is that we can take an idea at the very early stage and transform it into a profitable product.

Interested ?
Give us a call on (415) 894-5458 or;
Email us at: hello@netelio.com

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