Top news, nothing else! offers an improved way to scan the top news. follows 3 simple ideas.

Simple efficient design. present the news in the simplest way making them as easy to scan as possible. The simple design provides a relaxed way to look at the news, putting the headlines at the heart of the page.
The design follow 3 principles:

  • Less is more. By putting less clutter on the page you get to focus more on the news content. Which is the way it should be, this a news site. You can now scan clearly the news with no flashy distracting elements taking your attention away.
  • No Ads. Not putting advertisement, not even sponsored links allows again to keep the focus on the news. Lets be clear is about providing a great news reading experience, not making money.
  • Illustrate. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a 1000 words. We include a picture to better illustrate each headline, when a picture is available.

Getting different sources. News coverage varies from one provider to another and most people reading the news will check a few sites rather than a single one. allows you to consult all main news sources in one place.

Video. Video sometimes tells stories better than text. When a news event breaks you will be able to browse the all videos on

Worked on this project:
Sam Peck
Cedric Houvenagel
Franck Debane

If you want to get involved, please contact Franck.

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